Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sabine Pass ISD's District Technology Plan

Sabine Pass ISD’s technology plan identifies the following main goals: Integrate technology into the curriculum to enhance the educational process for every student, provide access to information for students, parents and the community through technology, and provide ongoing staff development opportunities for the integration of technology into the curriculum. The district plans to meet these goals by providing further connectivity for students, use resources such as public television, the school website and other notification systems, and analyze the current status of technology use in the district.
Some of the needs that were addressed include: replacing aging technology hardware on a five year rotation, providing integration of technology into the classroom, providing more training for teachers and staff, and providing better monitoring capabilities to teachers to promote effective learning.  The budget also reflects a decrease in local funds for the next three years.
The technology coordinator works in conjunction with administration to provide ongoing opportunities for professional development including local in-service and one-on-one training in topics relating to SBEC technology standards. Administration will provide the necessary infrastructure to successfully facilitate technology into all areas of the district to optimize the learning environment.  
The Technology Plan Committee is responsible for the ongoing evaluation of the plan and report findings to the superintendent and board of trustees after each formal evaluation. The Texas STaR Chart results are used to help assess progress made toward meeting the goals of the LRPT. Other methods of evaluation include staff surveys, informal interviews, monitoring, yearly inventory, support and maintenance of hardware, and administrative classroom observations.

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