Thursday, September 27, 2012

EDLD 5364 Week 5


“The instructional strategy of reinforcing effort enhances students’ understanding of the relationship between effort and achievement by addressing their attitudes and beliefs about learning” (Pitler, Hubbell, Kuhn, & Malenoski, 2007).

In my opinion, one of the most important roles as a teacher is to provide students with a sense of responsibility. Students need to be responsible for their own learning and understand that with this responsibility comes keeping track of effort and achievement. Technology is making it even easier to provide these services to students. Using tools such as Excel, data collection technology such as Survey Monkey, and online rubrics, students begin to see the correlation between effort and achievement. In turn, these programs provide students with the feedback necessary to create goals and set objectives for future learning. They practice self-reflection and recognize the importance of self-efficacy. The most significant thing to remember is that providing students with tangible rewards may not have the impact that occurs when we truly instill a sense of intrinsic motivation guaranteed to foster determination and satisfaction.

Pitler, H., Hubbell, E., Kuhn, M., & Malenoski, K. (2007). Using technology with classroom instruction that works. Denver, CO: Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning.


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