Saturday, September 1, 2012

EDLD 5364 Week One


“Rather than debating issues of divides and gaps with regard to access and training in new technologies, the new paradigm would allow education to focus on preparing a generation to adapt to the unavoidable rapidity of changes they will face” (McPheeters, 2009).


It is a constant struggle in my position to introduce teachers to something new. Students are always willing to jump right in and learn anything technology related, but I have many reluctant teachers. This is where I notice this gap widening. Preparing students for this ever-changing world consists of more than providing them with technology; it comes from being a role model for embracing these changes rather than shying away from anything new. In this sense, attitude is everything. We need to teach our students that change is not always a bad thing, and is something that no matter the circumstances, will be inevitable. I agree with this quote I came across concerning this very topic: “We ask our students to be good observers, consider the world carefully and to analyze the implications of what they see. As educators, it’s time we do the same” (Romano, 2011). Jump on the wagon, or get left in the dust.


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