Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Beginning of Spontaneous Preparation.

Ah, the first blog post. So many things to say and yet no definite starting point. Jump in feet first. I am a passionate educator. I knew it when I was six and all of my unwilling cousins doodled on the homemade worksheets I worked so diligently to produce while I tried to teach them the difference between its and it's. As trite and hackneyed as it may sound, I feel it is the purpose of my life to educate and inspire others with learning. Nothing brings me more joy than the feeling that I have helped someone in one way or another. With that said, there are times that I wish I knew something else. If I were born an artist, singer, or perhaps a money-hungry business mogul it might be easier to explain my career choice to others. Maybe my friends would understand that my day doesn't end at 4:00 pm. But we have summers off right? (Commence laughter and preferred eye-roll.) Yes, my bank account would be happier with more zeros, my weeknights may enjoy some company, and I wouldn't have to hear the summer bit for the hundredth time, but I wouldn't change one thing about my career choice. The way that I teach in a classroom reflects who I am as a person. As teachers we should plan, practice, organize and prepare. At the same time, we should embrace the unplanned, spur-of-the-moment, impulsive lessons and teachable moments. Be spontaneous. Life to me is the same way. I wish that I were more of a risk-taker. I would love to go somewhere without a plan, a map, or a to-do list. No, I take it back. I never want to do that. Without a list, what achievements do you cross off? I like to be prepared, but enjoy the idea of being spontaneous. I am perfectly content going through life with the contradictory idea of what I like to call spontaneous preparation.

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