Monday, February 6, 2012

Web Conference #3

During the Week 3 web conference, the main topics of discussion were using TK20 and our internship requirements. We were visited by Pamela Comer and she further explained the uses of TK20 and that Lamar University uses TK20 to collect samples of students’ work for various accreditation agencies. After Ms. Comer’s presentation, Mrs. Borel explained our internship requirements and some of the changes that were taking place with the internship program. We discussed the forms that were currently being updated and that we were no longer required to complete the monthly reports. We searched through our texts to find the 33 activities in the ISTE text that are required per our internship. We also clarified that we may repeat some of the 33 ISTE activities for the remaining requirements if they apply. There are examples of activities in the leadership text. 150 hours are course-embedded but we will complete a reflection assignment. She also hinted that we could visit other cohort websites to see examples of their activities/reflections. This was a very informative meeting, and I believe that I am slowly understanding all of the requirements of the internship. I look forward to securing a site mentor and getting started on the activities.

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