Thursday, February 16, 2012

Web Conference #4 (Week5)

Web conference number four, the final conference for EDLD 5306, was short but to the point. (Just as we like them in Cohort 26!) We discussed more details about the internship including ideas for activities which I found to be very helpful. I was a little confused about how to accumulate 150 hours of internship activities, but after talking with Mrs. Borel, I feel a great deal of confidence that I will be able to meet the requirements. Many students were asking questions about other students’, the instructor’s, and the IA’s access to their wikis. We briefly discussed the Summary Report and Validation that we will complete in order to fulfill the 150 course-based embedded internship hours. We will complete this by the end of our last class of the program. The following documents need to be uploaded to Tk20 to meet the requirements of EDLD 5306: Assignment 1 (Part 1), Application for Internship, Draft Internship Plan, Principal Competencies and Skills Chart. Mrs. Borel also included a class schedule for Cohort 26 as well as a last week to-do list. I guess all there is left to do now is order the books for the next class!

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